How Can You Earn More While Paying Through Credit Cards?

Do you use credit cards for credit benefits or to receive coveted rewards and offers? A higher percentage of answers would side with the rewards and offers associated with the credit card that an individual has chosen. That is the primary reason that allows every individual with a good credit score to own a credit card or, in many cases, to own multiple credit cards and reap all the benefits offered. With digitalisation and rising consumer demands, we now have credit cards for each sector, offering the best benefits.

However, in the quest to own multiple credit cards, there is always a hassle in managing and keeping track of all these cards. These instances have often led many of us to miss our dues, or certain payments, lowering our credit scores and attracting high penalties and charges. In light of these events, there has been a rise in a few applications that not only act as a payment online app but also offer you additional never-seen-before rewards. Would such an app excite you? If so, read along.

Key Features:

Initially, applications were meant to facilitate payment UPI and make the experience seamless and efficient. However, taking a step beyond the ordinary, a few apps now provide a platform offering premium services and features that customers could only dream of. A few of those features are as follows.

  1. Assured Additional Cashback:

Although we all receive small cashback amounts while doing UPI transactions on rare occasions, now, one can avail assured cashback on each transaction while paying through their credit cards. Furthermore, these cashback are backed by enticing offers that users can redeem in different stores. Ironically, this additional cashback is far greater than the promised by the usual UPI payment apps.

  1. All-For-One and One-For-All Platform:

Earlier, we talked about the bothersome experience of having multiple credit cards. However, with these apps’ extraordinary platforms and services, you can manage, view, and track all your credit cards and their transactions from the tip of your fingers, all under one roof. This feature breaks down the complexity that circles managing multiple EMIs, pending payments, due dates, etc. The former feature instils trust among credit card users and encourages them to opt for more cards.

  1. Several Useful Features:

Have pending bills? Is your gas bill due? Worried about missing any of your bill payments? These applications that rival the UPI app can mellow down all your worries by notifying you with reminders of upcoming bill payments, amounts due, etc. It also contributes to improving your credit score, as advance and timely payments are factors that increase your credit score.


Making payments through such applications leads to several monetary benefits in cashback, improved credit score, and timely payments of your upcoming bills and due amounts. Furthermore, the tie-ups gained by these applications result in attractive offers on various platforms that users can avail of upon unlocking multiple offers.

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