Make Self-Assessment Whether Your Broker Is Legit Or About To Commit A Scam


Forex trading is a genuine business and has been part of the trading world for several decades. It is also considered one of the most safest types of trading where there are no complexities and instead the trading is quite straightforward. When trading was joining in the world of internet, then forex trading was the first one becoming accessible online. So it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the first online trading involved forex trading. 

However, in the past 7 to 8 years, forex trading has been actively misused by fraudsters at the hands of their Forex Broker Scams initiative. 

Forex Broker Scams – A Scammers’ Initiative

Forex is a kind of trading where currencies are physically exchanged for another currency according to their respective rates. The highly demand parent and/or base currency is the national currency of the United States of America i.e. USD. So for instance, USD is taken as a base currency and paired up with the GBP (which is the national currency of the United Kingdom). It is quite understood that this very currency pair or the currency pairs of USD/EUR or USD/JPY are most profiting currency pairs in the world. Traders invest their monies against the trading of currency pairs and earn profits. 

Unfortunately, scammers too are well aware of this fact. They have designed forex trading platforms where they lure investors for committing Forex Broker Scams.  Once the bait is taken by a great number of investors, the scammers then loot and plunder and vanish from the scene. After they are gone, it seems as if the investment scheme never ever existed. In this whole scene, the losing party is the investor who is made to suffer the financial loss as well as the hope of seeing justice. 

What To Do After Getting Scammed?

It is sheer hard luck when somebody is being scammed. But believing that one cannot retrieve the stolen proceeds back is a misconception. If the victim would look into the right direction, he or she can find several methods which can be utilized for retrieving the funds back. If the victim is lucky, he or she can actually get the funds back.

However, the victim should know one thing which is that it is quite difficult to even trace the scammers. Scams apparently are committed in an area far from the actual place from where the offence of scam has been committed. So it would be impossible to get any assistance from the local police or any other such authority like the cybercrime prevention authority. Interpol might be a good option but it would be quite absurd to even think that Interpol would be helping an individual on its own. 

You Need A Thief To Catch A Thief

Scammers are creative people who know the technology better than most of us. In order to go to them, we need people who think like scammers and are well-conversant with the use of technology. Such persons can be found working with several funds recovery entities. Because of these firms, the chances of retrieving the funds back have increased significantly. 

So of course the local law enforcement authorities would be of no use in a case involving scam. The only option remains for a victim is to immediately seek help from recovery agents.

Who Is This Money-Back?

There are well-reputed organizations in the world which are specifically taking up the cases involving forex trading scams. For instance, Money-Back is a firm which is involved in rendering such services. This firm alone has successfully concluded thousands of cases so far. In most of the cases, monies have eventually been refunded back to the victims while criminals are serving their sentence. 


Not too far ago, it was impossible to get the refund out of scams. But thanks to people like Money-Back who are participating wholeheartedly in this noble cause by helping victims globally. If you are apprehending a potential scam or that your broker is not causing you Forex Withdrawal Problems, then may be in need of Money-Back.

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